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Steve MacLean is a Professor in the Electronic Production and Design Dept at Berklee College of Music 

A guitarist, composer, producer, and engineer, he has been evolving with music technology since the early ‘80s, when he worked in a New York City recording studio and had hands-on with early versions of the Fairlight CMI, DX-7, Linn Drum, mixing consoles and digital audio samplers. Later, he founded his own recording and production studio and produced/engineered hundreds of artists and numerous award- winning projects including scores for over two hundred commercials and soundtracks as well as a constant artistic output of his own works. 

An active performer and composer for more than thirty five years including numerous concerts with Roswell Rudd, Chris Cutler, MeRCy, Steve MacLean Ensemble and a host of Boston-based improvisers.   He was co- founder of the Portland Experimental Music Collective, has performed original compositions at numerous new music festivals, including several pieces for New Music Across America and similar events. An innovator in the new music circuit, he was curator for a series of concerts “2001 New Music Odyssey,” and continues to release recordings internationally on Recommended Records, U.K. (ReR), and others.

 Hundreds  of published recorded  works to date, many are available from ReR.

ReR UK and global:   www.rermegacorp.com 

USA Distribution: 



With SynthAxe, 1991

SynthAxe phase was approx 10 years, then back to actual guitars with various evolving synth interfaces.